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Insiders Guide Banner Printing

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Banners are a great low cost way of promoting your event with eye catching advertising.

We offer banner printing in Cardiff with fast turnarounds and our products centre around 3 different options available to you.

Standard PVC Banner Printing

These banners are the most commonly used. They are constructed from PVC and have a thickness of around 440gsm. Other thicknesses are available such as 500 or 600gsm however cost can increase and as they are normally temporary this might be an unnecessary outlay.

They are then finished ready to hang by hemming or reinforcement tape. Eyelets are then punched in to the material to enable cable ties or bungee cords to hold it in place. We favour clear plastic eyelets as they are recyclable, and as they are clear they help the image to show through.

Our banner printing service uses special inks, not only are the inks fade resistant, they are scratch resistant and friendly to the environment. As we are accustomed to the odd spell of rain here in Cardiff they are also weatherproof !

Mesh Banner Printing

Due to the continuing construction and redevelopment in Cardiff you will often see scaffolding around building work. This is where our mesh printed banners are a fantastic choice. The material is similar to that above, but covered in perforations which although cannot be seen easily, enable the wind to pass through without creating a sail effect. Thus your banner is likely to last longer. If you see a banner ripped from a building works, its likely this could have been avoided by using one of our mesh printed banners.

Recyclable Banner printing services

We are in an age where we would like to see less single use plastic, and where possible use recyclable materials. At our printing company in Cardiff, we are proud to offer a banner printing service using our special material which is biodegradable but also extremely strong. It has the look and feel of a bag for life material and perfect for people who are lowering their plastic footprint or who have a sensitive message to promote and want a suitable product to do so.

Important Information when having a banner printed

We print banners in any size and in full colour with your choice of images and text. As with any large format print, if you are using an image ensure it a is a large file size, this will avoid the image being pix elated when it is increased in size. The nature of banners means that they are sometimes viewed at a distance and therefore lesser quality pictures can be accepted. However to be on the safe side let us check the image and we can advise you of the likely result before printing to avoid delays.

We hope you have found this guide helpful, if you want to take advantage of our banner printing service please give us a call or drop us an email.

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