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Dibond Printing / ACM Printing

dibond printing Cardiff.jpg
dibond printers cardiff.jpg

If your looking for a Dibond printers in Cardiff we would be delighted to assist with your project.

Consisting of foam board sandwiched between 2 sheets of aluminium, it is the perfect material for a long lasted printed sign or display.

  Its weather resistance, light weight and resistance to marking, makes it a versatile sheet material for Cardiff sign printers, and is widely used as the go to media.  Its robust and durable and resistance to bending and warping, mean its often used to display photographic and exhibition work.

We undertake our Dibond printing aka ACM board printing in Cardiff City centre, therefore we can offer fast turnaround for your project.

The Dibond printing is perfect for:

Internal and External Signage

Printed shop signs

Mounted exhibited graphics


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