Banners are a great low cost way of promoting your event with eye catching advertising.  We offer PVC banner printing in Cardiff with fast turnarounds. Our banner printing service uses special inks, not only are the inks fade resistant, they are scratch resistant and friendly to the environment.  As we are accustomed to the odd spell of rain here in Cardiff City they are also weatherproof ! 


They are then finished ready to hang by hemming or reinforcement tape.  Eyelets are then punched in to the material to enable cable ties or bungee cords to  hold it in place.  We favour clear plastic eyelets as they are recyclable, and as they are clear, they help the image to show through. 


Our products centre around 3 different options available to you below.

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Printed Banners


These banners are the most commonly used. They are constructed from PVC and have a thickness of around 440gsm. Other thicknesses are available such as 500gsm or 600gsm for unique applications.


Mesh Banner


Due to continuing construction and redevelopment in Cardiff City, you will often see scaffolding. This is where our mesh printed banners are a fantastic choice. The material is similar to that above, but covered in perforations which enable wind to pass through without creating a sail effect. 

cardiff banner printers 2.jpg

Recyclable Banner


We are in an age where we would like to see less single use plastic, and where possible use recyclable materials. At our printing company in Cardiff, we are proud to offer a banner printing service using our special material which is biodegradable and extremely strong. Perfect for people who are lowering their plastic footprint or have a sensitive message to promote and want a suitable product to do so.


After a period of decline during the 1970s and 1980s, Cardiff City's population is growing. The Cardiff and South Wales Valleys metropolitan area has a population of nearly 1.1 million people.  In line with this more commercial buildings are being delivered and businesses all wish to promote their events , their retail shops their restaurants and pubs etc.

Banner printing to promote your business is key to ensure your business stands out in the crowd.  With its extensive transport links via bus, train and motorway links it is easy to capture the gaze of both the residents in Cardiff and the many visitors that travel to Cardiff City centre each year.

Bilingual signs are commonplace in Cardiff and we can assist with printing these, which are often a legal requirement.


Cardiff City Council adopted a five-year Welsh language strategy in 2017 aiming to increase the number of Welsh speakers (aged 3+) in Cardiff by 15.9%, from 36,735 in 2011 to 42,584 residents by the 2021 Census.The ONS estimated that as of June 2018, 75,600 (21.8%) of Cardiff's population could speak Welsh.

In addition to English and Welsh, the diversity of Cardiff's population (including foreign students) means that many other languages are spoken in the city. One study has found that Cardiff has speakers of at least 94 languages.

Cardiff is home to the Welsh media and a large media sector with BBC, ITV Wales all having studios in the city.In particular, there is a large independent TV production industry sector of over 600 companies, employing around 6000 employees and with a turnover estimated at £350 m.

Cardiff Bay Print have had the pleasure of working with many of these film companies, producing props, event signage such as PVC banners and roller banners, as well as TV series back drops.