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Leaflet Printing
Flyer Printing Cardiff

Cardiff Bay Print can handle your leaflet printing and flyer printing requirements, from small quantities to hundreds of thousands.

Our flyer printing service is perfect for distributing information about your business, event, or promoting your message within the Cardiff community.

We print leaflets and flyers on various paper thicknesses to suit your project and budget.  

We can print your leaflets and flyers in a range of finishes.......

Semi Matt / Satin

Choose this finish if you have a mix of pictures and text and don't want a reflection of light on the printed flyers. It has a more natural look. 


A gloss finish is  best for flyers with intricate designs and lots of visuals. This flyer finish is guaranteed to make your products look their best.. 

Uncoated / Writable

This flyer finish is perfect for flyers that often get written on. For example, as a salesperson sometimes you might want to write down your contact details so that customers can reach you. It is also good for flyers, which include a printed contest or raffle form.


 We have environmentally friendly flyers for all your needs. . Did we also mention that they are biodegradable? Our Recycled paper flyers maintain their beautiful natural base colour, which makes your designs super vibrant. The Recycled paper is your best choice. It is made from 100 % recycled paper and comes in 4 thicknesses. If you are going for an earthy feel, choose the Kraft Brown paper. It is thick and sturdy and has a lovely brown colour.

Our folded leaflets let you tell a complete story about your company and build awareness. Different paper stock options and sizes help you get the right look for your project, whether you’re creating a handout, counter top display or presentation. What’s more, each leaflet is folded before it’s delivered to you – meaning you can start distributing them as soon as they arrive.

View our types of fold below....

folded leaflet printing cardiff.jpg

Folded Leaflet Printing
& Folded Flyer Printing Cardiff

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