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Insiders Guide Poster Printing

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Posters can be a low cost way of increasing awareness a short term event or promotion. They can also be used for presentations such as university project printing, medical poster printing and scientific poster printing.

Poster Printing Sizes

The posters we print in Cardiff can be any size, tailored to your project, but commonly "A" sizes are used.

The chart below is a straightforward way of looking up the measurements to check how big posters can be printed.

You can see that A0 posters are the largest, if you divide in to two this gives A1 posters, divide the A1 in to two and this gives A2 posters and so on.

Poster Printing Thickness

The thickness of the posters printed are usually measured in grams per square metre or gsm.

Correct thickness will depend on the application, to give an idea of how they feel, photocopy paper is usually 80gsm, a 300gsm paper will almost resemble card, but thin and flexible.

For applications such as short term posters which are protected by for example a window, it is possible to use a thinner poster printing paper like 130gsm. This can tear easily so careful handling is required.

Uses where they may be in contact with passers by and handled would be better suited to a 200 gsm poster weight.

At our printing company in Cardiff we offer ranges from 80gsm for plan printing, architectural drawings etc, through to 200gsm for posters, or bill board printing, although most billboard printing we supply has changed from the old fashioned paste up style to banners, or even digital.

Poster Print Finishes

Our Printed posters are available in three finishes. Matt, Gloss or Satin (also known as semi gloss)

Gloss pictures look lovely so you may question why change the finish. Its mainly due to lighting conditions where our printing project will be displayed.

Often during display printing for events etc the lights are intense and can reflect off the poster, giving a glare and detracting from the message your giving. In these instances Matt poster printing would eliminate this. Semi gloss or Satin posters give the best of both worlds, they transmit less reflection, but also give the image a nice finish. As you can guess Satin posters are our most popular choice.

Scientific Poster Printing

We can offer Scientific poster printing in Cardiff, Often we are contacted by customers looking to get scientific posters or medical posters printed. Commonly used for presentations, and often for travelling a distance, or indeed on a plane, simple poster paper isn't always the best option. In these instances we recommend vinyl prints to our clients. Not only do they give a thick, and glossy professional look, but they are hard to tear and very scratch resistant. They are even waterproof, protecting them from any mishaps. The price difference is very small and worth considering, especially if they are to be stored.

University Presentation Printing

As with the scientific poster printing, the same applies for University printing. If you have an end of term project or exam work to be printed large scale for a presentation we can print it for you. Not only is it helpful to have it in a more durable format, the poster can be kept for years as a reminder of your uni days !

We hope you have found this guide helpful, if you want to take advantage of our banner printing service please give us a call or drop us an email.

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